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"I've known Susan since my daughter got her first horse when she was 14 (she's 27 now). We knew very little about horses really and Susan supported my daughter and her horse through an initially quite challenging relationship. Within a few years they had their (old format) level 3. I was so intrigued by the 'natural' horsemanship I was inspired to get my own horse even though I had zero confidence and didn't think I'd actually ever ride him. With Susan's support and guidance I also progressed through my levels and now have my second horse, aged 60 (me, not the horse). What has always amazed me about Susan is her 'eye' and 'feel'. She can spot in an instant what's going on for both horse and rider, and come up with the solutions for 'fixing' problems and improving the relationship. Susan's approach is supportive and empathetic, and directed towards what I personally want to achieve. She encourages me to stretch myself and my horse, and I always feel safe with her, emotionally and physically. Because I can only take in at most three new things at a time, Susan has paced her teaching for me, and I know that she sees and wants to pass on so much more, but that I can only go at my pace. Because my confidence and my horse are so precious to me, I have trusted very few people over the years to guide and mentor us on our journey, and Susan is definitely one of them."


"I have often heard it said that a horse is a reflection of his human and as followers of natural horsemanship we all strive to have love, language and leadership from which comes true partnership. It has helped to have someone to turn on the light for me to see what my horse is showing me; Susan has been that light helping me to understand the questions and answers, reminding me to find clarity then ask the right question. I thank Susan for her patience and willingness, I’ve achieved things I never thought were possible."


"Susan has been super supportive every step of Flair and my Parelli journey, always there to help us work through any problems no mater if they are big or small! A pleasure to work with someone who is so passionate and full knowledge when it comes to horses! Always look forward to working with you!"


"I met Susan about 5 years ago, my only disappointment is that we did not meet earlier in life.

With Parelli being her focus style of teaching, she has taken me on such a journey into a new world of natural horsemanship. Chilli, my young 5 year old part breed Andalusian horse, and I are loving the learning and just get better and better. So, what can I say…... thank you for your patience, tolerance and understanding and giving us the opportunity to be under your guidance. Thank you so much!"


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